Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Remodeling Projects

What kind of questions do you ask?

• What problem are you trying to fix? What have you always dreamed of?
• Do you have a solution? Or would you like us to help you find one?
• Tell us about your family; how do you use the space?
• What type of activities are you involved in? What secondary activities is the space used for?

Good design is a combination of form and function. Space utilization is part of the function. We are trying to determine how you use your space and if there are better ways to use underutilized space.

This is also a question that comes up even before we meet in person. What is your budget? But you don’t have a budget because you don’t know what things cost? You’re not alone, but there are some guidelines that you can use. What we don’t want to do is design your dream kitchen and then not be able to fulfill your dream.

Probably longer than you want. It’s reality. Kitchens or bathrooms are at the heart of any home. Any disruption always feels like an eternity. But with good project management we keep the disruption to a minimum. The better the planning, the better the execution, the quicker it is done.

What does design build mean?
It means we hold your hand all the way through the process. We listen to your story and work with you to come to an agreement on the basic concepts for the project. We also work with you to help you determine what style best fits your tastes. Then we will put together an initial design plan. We discuss the plan and make alterations if needed. When we agree on a plan we sign the paperwork and work begins.

The work normally begins with scheduling. We determine all of the steps that need to be taken and lay them out in a time line that all can see. Then, working with you and your schedule, we start ordering the materials, and scheduling the workers. We get whatever permits are required by the city and make sure all of the contractors have the proper insurance coverage. We monitor the work daily and make sure the house it kept clean, safe and secure. We stay on top of our workers and contractors to keep them on schedule and to monitor the design plan to make sure it is followed. When we’re done we return the space to you with a thank you for letting us be part of your family for a little while.

You can think of a Design Plan as a map; as a way of getting to the finish line without a lot of expensive detours. After we meet with you the first time we have a better understanding of what you are looking for, what your style is, what your taste are and how we can assist you in reaching your goal. You may not be doing everything with this one project. But as you move from project to project you have a map to help guide your way.

The Design plan itself can include many things but it normally includes a floor plan of the finished space with all of the components laid out on it. If your project is a kitchen, the layout will show the new or existing walls and where each component goes, from windows and doors to cabinets, appliances, islands and table & chairs. There will also be a 3D rendering of the space given from a few directions. This will help you visualize what the finished room will look like and how everything works together.

Based on our first meeting the Design Plan will also include suggested cabinet designs and finishes, Flooring and Lighting suggestions, and a color scheme. Window coverings, seating fabrics and decorative pieces can also be included.